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  • What is Tile Grout Northern Ireland

    When grout does its job locking tiles tight, keeping out water, and giving floors and walls a finished look nobody pays much attention. It's only when grout fails, becoming stained, cracked, or falling out altogether, that people take notice.

    Northern Ireland Ceramic Tile Cleaning

    Before any cleaning procedure is carried out it is important to know what type of tile we are cleaning. Ceramic tile are probily the most common of all tiles laid through out or homes in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The base of all ceramic tiles is clay that is glazed and then baked to a high temperature in a kiln.

    Porcelain Tile & Grout Cleaning Ireland

    As with all tiles its important to under stand the difference between Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles and to be able to tell the difference as well on inspection. Although similar in many ways they are different tiles and should be treated as different tiles.


Cleaning and polishing Terrazzo Floors Belfast
Cleaning and sealing Sandstone Floors Belfast
Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning Omagh
Residential Travertine Floors County Down & County Donegal
Restoring Victorian tile Floors Dundalk
Tile & Grout Cleaning Armagh