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Northern Ireland Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Before any cleaning procedure is carried out it is important to know what type of tile we are cleaning. Ceramic tile are probily the most common of all tiles laid through out or homes in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The base of all ceramic tiles is clay that is glazed and then baked to a high temperature in a kiln.

We have developed a five step cleaning process for all ceramic tile in the home.

1: Inspection

This is to advise the customer what is needed before tile and grout cleaning start and tell the customer of the expected end result before we start.

2: Preparation.

All necessary perpetration is carried out at this stage, ie move heavy furniture and tape up protection for walls and mask of any areas as necessary.

3: Apply cleaning agent.

Apply selected cleaning agent to the floor area and let it dwell so as to start and break down the dirt and oils on the floor tile and grout joints.

4: Scrub floor

Deep scrubbing action is preformed with or heavy floor scrub machine at slow speed fitting with an brush as to get down into the grout joints and loosen of all ingrained dirt.

5: Clean up slurry

With or clean and capture system we then rinse of the floor and with hot pressurized water that is that will get down even further into the grout and corners of the the room. this will also leave the floor in a near dry state.

6: perfect grout.

At this point with prior agreement we will begin the the colour sealing process. this can be a lengthy process which involves several steps of its own please see or perfect grout section.

7: buff

Once we have finished of cleaning process and colour sealing we will finish of your floor and a high speed buffing machine to restore the natural sine to your tiles. The above is or standard system for all tile and grout cleaning jobs We have used this system for many years and have proven to not only or customers but also to our selves that this system and or approach to or work will always get the best results every time with out fail.

Tile & Grout Cleaning case study

Mrs Jones from Belfast contacted us about cleaning her tile and grout flooring. The kitchen floor had been down for 9 years and was in a poor state after parties and dinners, which had been held in the kitchen area. The main problem was stubborn grease that had built up on the kitchen floor, which could not be removed through mopping and general scrubbing. After an inspection it was agreed that we should use one of our top Citrus cleaners to remove the grease from the the tiles, followed by our grout cleaning agent. These products used in conjunction with our expertise and quality machinery guaranteed a perfect result for Mrs Jones.