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Tile & Grout Cleaning for Businesses Northern Ireland

Deep proper cleaning of large scale tile and grout floors such as shopping centers, supermarkets, store rooms. warehousing and office receptions is a specialty for us and nothing new to us

Nothing is more important that first impressions

We have been cleaning larger scale floor areas for 12 years and have developed a system that is not only fast useing three phase 30 inch wide scrubbing machines but is also cost effective so not only do we make it affordable but also can work in tight time constraints as well. Taking all the hassle of getting your tile and grout floors cleaned properly first time and leaving them dry before the building is open and ready for use.

Concrete floor cleaning

If your concrete floor is looking black, oily, dusty and just heavily stained through years of use and abuse with the use of special abrasives and or clean and capture system we also have a system designed for cleaning concrete flooring With this system we can take tired old concrete floors and breath life back into them giving your flooring a lease of life that will give many more years of service you can also have your concrete flooring diamond ground and polished or a concrete sealer. We would use this system for store rooms, warehousing, shop floors, walk in freezers, loading bays, workshops anywhere that a concrete floor needs cleaning.

Resilient Tile Marmoleum and Sheet Vinyl Floors

We have been cleaning and resealing Vinyl and resilient floors for 12 years now and would consider or selves to be leading experts in this field with the number of different types Vinyl and Marmoleum flooring it is imperative that the right cleaning procedure is carried out and sealing products are used not only to give you a good durable finish that is pleasing to the aye and also long lasting. We can also assist in the with a maintenance program or help train your cleaning staff in the maintenance of your flooring Or range of cleaning product thou very effect are designed not to be harsh on your floor surface. We also have a full range of sealers so you can have a satin more natural look to your floor or if you want a high shine we can also offer that as well here is some for commercial tile and floor cleaning.