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Professional Tile Cleaning and Grouting

The tile and grout cleaning company has developed a system over the many years and floor and tile cleaning.

  1. First of all we will inspect your floor and advice you of the end result and what work will be needed to clean you tile and grout leaving your floor like new again.
  2. After initial inspection we will select appropriate cleaning product this will be mixed with warm water and spread across the floor area this will be left to dwell on the floor to break down the dirt on the floor and in the grout joints.
  3. Set up professional floor cleaning machines and appropriate attachments for scrubbing of the the floor.
  4. Now the tile and grout cleaning company can start the business of cleaning your tiles and grout. This is done in an methodical manner starting in the corner of the room and working toward the doorway. Also checking the areas that have been done are clean and correct.
  5. Once an area has been cleaned and scrubbed off we will then vacuum the area with or industrial vacuum.
  6. After the total area has been scrubbed off we will then check the floor area again for any areas that may need any more extra cleaning.
  7. Once the tile and grout cleaning company has completed the cleaning process we then clean the floor with neutraliser to ensure that we have also cleaned any residue that may have been left behind from the initial cleaning process.
  8. We will then let the floor dry.
  9. Once the floor is dry it is then buffed with a high speed floor polisher to bring back the original shine to your floor tiles.
  10. After we have finished the tile and grout cleaning company can advise the client as how to keep the floor looking good.
  11. Enjoy your new looking floor again which will be free from all the dirt and grime that made it look so tired.