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Natural Stone Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning Ireland

Natural stone floor cleaning covers a full range of floor tiles including: Marble; Traventine; Limestone and Sandstone.

Natural stone floor cleaning covers a full range of floor tile including:

  • Marble floor tile and grout cleaning.
  • Traventine floor tile and grout cleaning.
  • Limestone floor tile and grout cleaning,
  • Sandstone floor tile and grout cleaning,

There are lots of variations with these floors but the above is the main four natural stone floors.

As with all natural stone floor great care must be taking to ensure that the right cleaning procedure is used to give the desired result and not to damage the surface or the finish of the tile. In some cases we may have to employ our restoration process to clean and refinish your natural stone floor. This is a process that we use call diamond grinding and diamond polishing. please see more about this process at our sister website

Basic cleaning procedure for cleaning natural stone floor tile and grout

1: Inspection

This is to advise the customer what is needed before tile and grout cleaning start and tell the customer of the expected end result before we start.

2: Preparation.

All necessary perpetration is carried out at this stage, ie move heavy furniture and tape up protection for walls and mask of any areas as necessary.

3: Apply cleaning agent.

Apply selected cleaning agent to the floor area and let it dwell so as to start and break down the dirt and oils on the floor tile and grout joints.

4: Deep scrub

We use slow speed heavy floor machine to scrub of the floor area fitted with a brush attachment that is designed to work only on stone floors this will loosen all the deep in bedded dirt from the grout and also from the floor tile its self.

5: Rince

Once the floor has been deep cleaned we will then rince of any resadue from the floor with clean water this may take a few time to make sure every thing has been rinsed of and the floor should be free from any cleaning agents and all dirt has been cleaned of properly.

6: Sealing

Once the floor has dried we will then buff of any remaining residue and then seal the floor with appropriate sealer this is then left to dry.

7: buffing

Once floor sealer has dried we will then buff of any remaining sealer to give the floor an even finish

Case Study: Natural stone floor and tile cleaning Armagh

Mr Wright from Armagh contacted us with a traventine floor that had been down 11 years over the years it had become dull lifeless and owning 2 dogs didnt help matters

On pre inspection it was apparent that the stone floor needed some work and after consultation we where advised to go ahead.
We first stripped the floor back to the original stone surface deep cleaned all the grout.
then gave the floor a light diamond hone just to even up the surface and take out any scratches in the floor we then proceed to diamond polish the floor to a satin finish. to give a more natural look and help bring out some of the natural colour of the floor