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Cleaning Victorian Floor Tiles And Grout Belfast

Once again its important to be able to tell the difference between Quarry tile Terracotta tiles and Victorian tiles `as the three of them use different methods for cleaning and sealing.

Quarry tile and grout cleaning.

With quarry tile floors that we often they are mostly years old ie 50 years plus and have never had much if any type of treatment in them years. The biggest challenge we have with quarry tile and grout cleaning is getting all the old sealers dirt and contaminates of the top of the tile once this has been done successfully and the tile are dry we can then begin the sealing process which is normally done with an antique bees wax method which will bring back the colour of the tile and leave a beautiful antique finish to the floor bring many more years of life to the floor.

Terracotta floor tile and grout cleaning

Terracotta floors can be very difficult to get right they have been improperly sealed from before as they are very porous and do hold a lot of water in the body of the tile. with this in mind they can take some time to dry properly after cleaning there many different types of terracotta tiles some hand made and factory made. both can there challenges when cleaning and resealing. When sealing terracotta floors we would normally use a two part sealer first use linseed oil to fill the pores and then finish of with an either acrylic or water based sealer or we can also use bees wax for a more authentic look. this will give many more years of enjoyment for your terracotta floor. When done properly these can be the one of the warmest and richest floors available but they do need work to keep them up to standard.

Victorian tile and grout cleaning

Victorian tiles have been around since the 1850 and have been used extensively in all manner of buildings from city halls to kitchen floors. Once again great care must be taken in cleaning these type of tiles as not to damage them in any way. Many when they move into a new house find these under old carpet and then invite us in to clean away many years of old grime and dirt and even lots of carpet glues. Once the tiles have been clean they are then thoroughly rinsed with clean water. then comes the matter of sealing the tile there are meant sealer on the market but we stick to one type that we have tried and tested through the years we use a colour enhancing impregnater sealer that will last for at least 5-- 7 years giving your old tiles a new lease of life