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Tile & Grout Cleaning for Businesses Northern Ireland

Deep proper cleaning of large scale tile and grout floors such as shopping centers, supermarkets, store rooms. warehousing and office receptions is a specialty for us and nothing new to us

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Restore, Re-colour and Stain Proof Grout Northern Ireland

The tile and grout cleaning company's perfect grout system is used to restore, re-colour and stain proof grout all in one application, it not only makes old grout look brand new and uniform but it`s real purpose is creating a durable layer of STAIN PROOFING GROUT PROTECTION to the grout which prevents dirt and spills from being able to soak in.

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Northern Ireland Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Before any cleaning procedure is carried out it is important to know what type of tile we are cleaning. Ceramic tile are probily the most common of all tiles laid through out or homes in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The base of all ceramic tiles is clay that is glazed and then baked to a high temperature in a kiln.

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Porcelain Tile & Grout Cleaning Ireland

As with all tiles its important to under stand the difference between Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles and to be able to tell the difference as well on inspection. Although similar in many ways they are different tiles and should be treated as different tiles.

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Natural Stone Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning Ireland

Natural stone floor cleaning covers a full range of floor tiles including: Marble; Traventine; Limestone and Sandstone.

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Cleaning Victorian Floor Tiles And Grout Belfast

Once again its important to be able to tell the difference between Quarry tile Terracotta tiles and Victorian tiles `as the three of them use different methods for cleaning and sealing.

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What is Tile Grout Northern Ireland

When grout does its job locking tiles tight, keeping out water, and giving floors and walls a finished look nobody pays much attention. It's only when grout fails, becoming stained, cracked, or falling out altogether, that people take notice.

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Guide to Grout Cleaning Ireland

Ceramic, porcelain tiles are a stunning addition to any home and bring a touch of class to the decor. However, ugly stains and discoloration of the tile grout can quickly spoil the welcoming ambience.

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Professional Tile Cleaning and Grouting

The tile and grout cleaning company has developed a system over the many years and floor and tile cleaning.

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Bathroom Tiles & Grout Refurbishment Northern Ireland

The Tile and Grout Cleaning Company where asked to come and have a look at a problem one of or clients where having with there shower area. After inspection it was established that the cause of the build up of blackness on the tile was caused by hard water deposits.

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Belfast Kitchen Floor Tile Grouting

We At the tile and grout cleaning company after 12 years of floor cleaning and stone floor restoration
have literally have cleaning thousands of kitchen floors so to say we have all the experience and equipment to clean your kitchen tiles and grout.

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Northern Ireland Sandstone Tile & Grout Cleaning

We at the tile and grout cleaning company have been cleaning and restoring sandstone floors for many years.
During this time we have developed a system for cleaning these floors that never fails to impress or clients 100%.

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