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As well as Residential the tile and grout cleaning company can also carry out large and small commercial tile and grout cleaning projects we can offer this service through out Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.

In this small case study is a Vet surgery In Belfast that has very difficult to clean safety tiles fitted. After many years of use the tile and grout had become very dirty and impossible to clean using normal cleaning methods. The tile and grout cleaning company was contacted to advice what could be done on this area. We advised and explained to the client about or 5 step tile and grout cleaning program and what result could be achieved after this we where asked to go ahead and clean the floor area the floor photos clearly show the results of many years and dirt and grime lifted away through or cleaning procedure.

Needless to say the client was happy with the end result.

Once this was done we then advised the client on how to keep the floor looking clean for the future.