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Ceramic, porcelain tiles are a stunning addition to any home and bring a touch of class to the decor. However, ugly stains and discoloration of the tile grout can quickly spoil the welcoming ambience.

If you have new grout then the first step would be to seal the grout joints or perfect grout sealing system is ideal for newly installed floors.


  1. Always brush the floor everday the bristles will help to dislodge any loose dirt in the grout joints.
  2. When mopping use a flat type mop that is used damp not wet as the water will sit in the grout joints and dry in there.
  3. use good quality neutral cleaning solutions stay away from bleach based products as these will leave your floor harder to clean through time.
  4. When cleaning grout. you will need.
    • One hand scrubbing brush.
    • A pile of old towels folded neatly of course.
    • Good cleaning solutions
    • Warm water.
    • Mix cleaning solution with warm water.
    • Pour cleaning solution into grout joints.
    • It is important to let the cleaning solution dwell in the grout joints for up to 10 mins as this will help give the cleaning solution time to work to loosen the dirt.
    • Scrub with scrub brush.
    • Once you have scrubbed the grout joint 
    • Mop up the dirty water right away with the old towels 
    • Repeat the above if needed.

Remember do not use anthing that is acidic on marble or stone tiles as this will etch the top of the tiles.


  • Always use door mats these will catch some of the dirt before it gets to your floor.
  • Its always better for little and often when it comes to grout joint cleaning so better to give them a quick cleaning every week in stead of the tortour of the once a year clean but who has the time for weekly grout cleaning.