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The Tile and Grout Cleaning Company where asked to come and have a look at a problem one of or clients where having with there shower area. After inspection it was established that the cause of the build up of blackness on the tile was caused by hard water deposits.

Before After

The steps that where taken to remove this blackness from the shower area are as follows

  • Clean the total shower area with professional cleaning products to remove the most of the build up of dirt and soap scum that had formed on the walls. Though this removed the majority of the dirt it did not remove it all.
  • After this stage was done we then use another type of product to remove the deep ingrained dirt and scum from the walls the floor tiles of this shower in Belfast also received the same treatment only it was helped by the use of a heavy floor machine fitted with a scrub brush to help with the tile and grout cleaning for this shower area.
  • Once the tile and grout cleaning was completed throughly it was then dried using industrial dryers to speed up the process.

After the tiles and grout where dried we then used or perfect grout system on the grout joints to bring them back to new and give a fresh look to the shower area this system can be used on all grout joints through out the home including your kitchen walls and floor grout lines.