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With many years honing and perfecting or skills when dealing with these of floors we have come to learn and understand many of the problems and pitfalls assisted with these types of floors there is a lot of different types of Victorian style tiles which fall under different names and only through time will one be able to identify and tell the difference in these types of flooring.

When we received a call from a house holder in Armagh Bout some issues with a Victorian tile floor. We arranged a home visit to assess the floor.  After inspection it was agreed that the needed all the old sealers stripped back and re-sealed properly for future use.

The process for this restoration strip and reseal service was.

  • Prep the floor area for cleaning and stripping of old sealer
  • Mop down floor sealer remover.
  • This was let dwell wet on the floor for some time before it started to get through the many layer of old sealer
  • This process had to be redone several times before all the old sealer was removed.
  • Once all the old sealer was removed the floor was then let dry fully
    Once dry an colour enhance inpregnater sealer was used to seal the floor and bring out the nature colours of the floor area.

Once again a fully restored floor and one happy customer.

We can carry out Victoria floor tile cleaning through out Northern Ireland and Ireland, including Armagh tile cleaning, Co Armagh grout cleaning, Co down floor cleaning Belfast tile and grout cleaning, Greater Belfast floor cleaning, Donegal tile and grout cleaning Co Donegal floor cleaning Dublin , Swords, Monaghan,  Cavon, Louth, Co Tyrone , Co Fermanghan & Lisburn floor and tile cleaning.